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works & why it is effective
Personalized recommendations
Using client-input needs and profile data we provide a curated set of offers that meets the client’s expectations best.
We recommend products that slightly exceed the client’s budget, but are even better aligned with his needs.
of application
feeCOMPASS® works for any product / service and easily integrates with standard e-commerce solutions. Especially recommended where many similar or complicated products are on offer.
Your product
We combine AI and collective experience of in-store experts: knowledge transfer is carried out through the AI ​​learning module, which by asking your salespeople, learns how to properly advise the customer.
Your knowledge
of customer needs
Descriptions are selected so that the Customer Panel is concise and understandable, and specific choices define the Customer’s features and preferences as fully as possible.
Ready thematic
Based on expert opinion and user profiles, we automatically create ready-made thematic rankings. For use as a starting point or landing page.
Effective new
customer service
Our solution allows you to effectively serve new and anonymous customers without the need for third-party cookies.
Customer analytics and segmentation
We analyze customer choices using machine learning – the result is customer segmentation and more accurate recommendations.
Derived product attributes (coming soon)
We automatically calculate figures that can be useful for the client, but are not available in the product specifications or are based on client’s needs / behavior.

Implementation process

What sets us apart is cooperation and not the “do it yourself” model. This guarantees effective implementation and durability of effects. Our joint design process is as follows:

Free consultation

at this stage we will know your needs, present the possibilities of feeCOMPASS®, advise on possible solutions and show you the paths for their further development – together we will create a unique solution for you.

Customer Profiles

no one knows your customers better than you so ours is a supportive role at this stage. We will carry it out together, e.g. using the design thinking method, or analyzing your historical data using machine learning algorithms. If you already know what choice criteria are important for your clients, we can just parameterize the profiles prepared by you.

Expert knowledge

feeCOMPASS® learns the correct recommendations by asking questions that are answered by experienced advisers from your store. In this way, they share their knowledge with our AI, which becomes an effective virtual customer advisor on the internet – without the need to involve your employees. Thus, you can focus on increasing store traffic without having to hire additional people to service.

Implementation and support

we will select the technology and technical details of the implementation in line with your existing solutions. We have many technical integration options both on the front-end and back-end. What’s more, we provide the support of an experienced project manager and test team. After implementation, we will provide you with constant support related to the development of your offer, the evolution of your clients’ needs and the development of our solution (new functionalities).

Package description:


Solid foundation for online stores with little traffic

2 500
customers per month

90 EUR


Package for online stores serving more customers

10 000
customers per month

190 EUR


Solution for e-commerce with many product categories

50 000
customers per month

390 EUR


A package for demanding e-commerce with significant customer traffic

100 000
customers per month

Get in touch


A tailor-made solution for corporations

500 000
customers per month

Get in touch

Package S.2 S.10 S.50 E.100 E.500
Customers per month 2 500 10 000 50 000 100 000 500 000
Monthly fee 90 EUR 190 EUR 390 EUR Get in touch Get in touch
Implementation package Free (with annual contract) / 290 EUR
Personalized recommendations
Intelligent upselling
Application versatility
Your product knowledge
Your knowledge of customer needs
Ready thematic rankings
Effective customer service
Derived product attributes (coming soon)
Customer analytics and segmentation 3 months 1 year all available
Product and price update – once a day batch/API
Product and price update – online API
Free technical support (monthly limit) up to 1 hr up to 4 hrs up to 8 hrs up to 40 hrs
Dedicated account manager
Service agreement (SLA)
Private cloud
All prices are net prices. Applicable taxes (VAT) must be added.
Implemen-tation package:
consultation and detailed implementation plan
parameterization of customer profiles prepared by the e-commerce
preparation of metadata for the AI module
import of product features
access to AI learning module
matching of font and color to e‑commerce website
technical integration with a standard e‑commerce solution
standard license and implementation agreement
Additional services:
workshop – building customer profiles
700 EUR
custom graphic design
from 300 EUR
product data tagging / enrichment
150 EUR per day
custom imports and integrations / additional technical support
30 EUR per hour
additional custom ranking
700 EUR
Additional service contract (SLA)
from 400 EUR per month
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