Plug feeCOMPASS® into your e-commerce and help finalize the purchase:

Ask your customers about their needs and preferences,

suggest a few best-match offers.

We have an innovative solution for you:

Your salespeople knowledge amplified by feeCOMPASS®

Using our solution:

Will increase the finalization rate, making it easier for the customer to choose from several aptly matched products – paradoxically, the smaller the choice.

Will boost the upsell, thanks to the recommendations of more expensive but perfectly matched products.

Will ensure customer satisfaction thanks to a personalized service. Loyal customers are your best ambassadors.

You will know your customers

You will learn about your clients’ profiles, find out what they need, what their requirements are and what is more important to them

You’ll see the products being compared

You will know which products your customers compare and what prevailed when choosing one of them

You will increase sales

And as a result – you will increase sales in your e-commerce without any investment in generating additional traffic

Traffic generation is expensive, the optimal solution is to increase conversion rate, basket value and build customer loyalty.

feeCOMPASS® in one tool combines the advantages of AI with the benefits of using the knowledge of your sales advisors.

Experts knowledge

– It is your salespeople who teach the system how to advise the customer correctly – feeCOMPASS effectively acquires knowledge through an optimally selected set of questions that your advisers are asked to answer.

– While interacting with the customer, feeCOMPASS collects his/her real needs in an accessible way, and not just looks for similarities: you do not have to guess what this particular customer needs – you know it!

– Our AI algorithms will prepare personalized suggestions for each customer, even the one who visits your store for the first time – accurate recommendations will help them make decisions and, as a result, increase your sales.

Our solution is universal and available to your customers wherever you have contact with them – on Facebook or your store’s website.

“Already in the first weeks of use we noticed clients were twice as much interested in the best-suited product”

Ewa Rutczyńska-Jamróz
General Manager of a natural cosmetics brand

logo TOPTI - twój zakupowy kompas

I thought choosing the right washing machine in 30 seconds was impossible. I was wrong”

Zygmunt, Wrocław

We offer two options, slightly different in functionality:

Sales chatbot that really sells and explains customers WHY it recommends them the chosen products.

Shopping compass that asks about the individual needs of the customer and presents her/him with a personalized product offer.

We guarantee better performance than automatic algorithms, while providing invaluable knowledge about your clients, stimulating better modeling of future offers.

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